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Here at East Coast Forensics, we are dedicated to meeting all your Forensic Investigative and Consultative needs. Our experienced professionals are diligent in their respective fields and would like the opportunity to put that experience to work for you.

Accident Reconstruction is an investigative and analytical process to determine the events, cause, and origin of a vehicle collision. Through this investigative process, an Accident Reconstructionist can determine speed, direction, culpability, and other factors leading up to a collision. Through expert experience and analysis of scientific data, the Reconstructionist can offer both fact and opinion based conclusions.

An accident Reconstructionist uses experience in accident investigation, training in reconstruction, photographs, video, statements, roadway evidence and other data collected by first responders. With the data collected and analyzed, a reconstructionist can either confirm or refute law enforcement or insurance company findings. Effective expert testimony can assist a client in both Civil and Criminal proceedings.

Mechanical & Vehicular Defect is the number one causational claim in traffic accidents. "Defective" or "Inoperable Brakes" lead the list of these claims. While a vehicle's braking system is one of the most dependable and safety redundant systems in the modern vehicle, failure can occur. Whether the failure is the consequence of poor maintenance, manufacturer defect, or a road hazard, the identification of such must be made, and more importantly, it must be proven. This requires thorough examination and analysis to identify the cause and origin of a defect or failure.

Here at East Coast Forensics, our ASE Certified technicians employ a methodical approach in discovering the true cause of a failure. Once the cause or failure is identified, we prepare a professional report outlining facts, evidence, and professional opinion. In addition to investigating and reporting, East Coast has years of experience in demonstrative courtroom testimony, which can be pivotal in both civil and criminal defense cases.

What is a Forensic Mechanic?


East Coast has a team of Motor Carrier Inspectors trained and experienced in commercial motor vehicle safety inspections. Whether you have a fleet of long-haul tractor-trailers or a single straight truck, your vehicle is subject to the numerous DOT, State, and Local commercial vehicle safety checkpoints. Many of these inspections result in fines and out-of-service conditions which require towing, and some can even rise to the level of a crime.

We examine your commercial vehicles from top to bottom and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining deficiencies and corrective measure recommendations. Many trucks on the road today would fail a DOT Motor Carrier Inspection, and many would have violations serious enough to have them placed Out of Service and subject to costly towing.

Fleet mechanics and safety officers allow vehicles to roll down the road with unrecognized deficiencies. Let East Coast's experts examine your fleet from an " Enforcement Perspective " and develop a strategy designed to save you money and the cost of violations, towing, and downtime.

Don't learn about your vehicle's issues at a checkpoint or after someone gets hurt; call East Coast Forensics now.

East Coast offers Medical Expert records review and professional medical reports prepared by our staff physician with extensive Internal Medicine experience. These reviews and reports and medical opinions contained therein will be supported by East Coast's professional expert witness testimony.

Call East Coast for specific services offered in this area of expertise.

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Bonded and Licensed by the New York State Department of State, East Coast Forensics offers discrete and thorough Private Investigative Services. Call for a free phone consult and see if an East Coast Private Investigator suits your needs.

Here at East Coast, we utilize Proprietary Search Databases and Investigative Algorithms to locate a subject. Most American adults leave a paper or digital trail which can reveal much about where we live, how we spend our money, and so much more. We access proprietary and public databases to find a subject and provide this data for legitimate and legal purposes.

We can also investigate a subject's background to reveal and bankruptcies, civil liens, and court judgments. We can also determine if a person has relocated several times or is "transient" in nature. 

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Litigation Support is a behind the scene consult with an expert or professional. This type of consult prepares a trial lawyer (or another litigant) for court, depositions, witness interviews, and evidence reviews. This type of due diligence is essential when preparing for all aspects of litigation.

Let the East Coast trial experience guide you with advice on how to approach an expert witness or demonstrate the flaws often found in the witness's answers. Even experienced trial attorneys can gain some insight with a brief consult. You owe it to your client; let East Coast offer a fresh perspective and new approach to your case.

An "Expert Witness" is a witness whose training and experience rise to the level of standards of the court for which he or she is testifying. Witnesses such as Physicians, Auto Mechanics, Police Officers, and other professionals usually qualify as Expert Witnesses in their respective fields. East Coast's experts excel in their areas and have never been denied expert status in any court of law, hearing, or proceeding.

Anthony Racioppo has been qualified as both an Accident Reconstruction Expert and Forensic Vehicle Mechanical Expert. In fact, there have been numerous trials where he was qualified in both fields and was able to offer opinions that transcend the need for multiple witnesses.

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