Anthony R. Racioppo

Anthony Racioppo Accident Reconstructionist, Forensic Vehicle Mechanic, Motor Carrier Safety

Anthony Racioppo has been investigating motor vehicle accidents for over 30 years and has worked with the New York City Police Department for over 25 years. He was assigned to the department's Highway Patrol Unit, where he has investigated over a thousand fatal and serious vehicle accidents. He has risen through the Accident Investigation Unit to the level of Second Grade Detective. Anthony has also maintained his ASE certification as a Master Automobile and Master Truck Technician since the 1980s. It is his ASE Certification coupled with his NYS Certified Vehicle Inspector status and years of experience as an automobile technician which helped earned him the unique qualification as a "Forensic Mechanical Expert." The unique marriage of his On-Scene Accident Investigation experience AND Forensic Mechanical examination qualifications has earned him Court Expert Status in both fields. This dual expert status allowed him to effectively testify in matters where mechanical and human error were an issue.


Professional Training & Certifications

NYS Licensed Motor Vehicle Safety & Emissions Inspector
NYS Licensed Private Investigator
ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician
ASE Certified Master Medium & Heavy Truck Technician
NYPD Latent Print Techniques Course
NYPD Auto Crime Investigation Course
NYPD Highway Patrol Accident Investigation Course
CSI Certified Crash Data Retrieval Operator
NYPD National Incident Management Systems Trained
CSI Certified Crash Data Retrieval Specialist
NYPD Detective Bureau Homicide Investigators Course
NYPD Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Safety School
NYPD Highway Patrol Intoxicated Driver Testing Course
NYPD Detective Bureau Criminal Investigation Course
NYPD Crime Scene Forensic Photography Course

NYPD Methods of Instruction Course
NYS Criminal Justice Division - Certified General Topics Instructor
NYS Criminal Justice Division - Interview & Interrogation Techniques
NYSTARS Heavy Vehicle EDR Course
Bendix Air & Foundation Brake School
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety - Vehicle Dynamics Course
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety - Traffic Crash Investigation 1
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety - Traffic Crash Investigation 2
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety - Pedestrian Vehicle Crash Reconstruction
NJAAR Video Analysis Course
The University of North Florida, Institute of Police Management & Technology - Crash Investigation Course

Noteworthy Court Cases

New York County Supreme Court

(December 2010)

A Midtown pedestrian was killed by a van that had an improperly installed steering mechanism. During this trial, Dt Racioppo was able to show, through numerous high-quality photos and a series of court-admitted exhibits and clear testimony, how the improperly installed steering gear assembly failed. He was also able to demonstrate how this improper installation would have been evident to the operator. This testimony was vital in establishing the Negligence aspect of the charge, which ultimately resulted in a Manslaughter Conviction.

Richmond County Supreme Court

(October 2008)

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a speeding vehicle on Forest Ave in Staten Island. This speeding vehicle's operator was under the influence of drugs and collided with the pedestrian, then another vehicle which created a crime scene over a quarter of a mile long. Dt Racioppo's methodical investigation of this scene allowed him to reconstruct every aspect of this complex collision and prove the numerous aspects of the charge necessary for a conviction of Depraved Indifference Murder.

Bronx County Supreme Court

(August 2008)

An NYC Traffic Agent was struck and killed by a van with bad brakes. The case went to trial, and Dt Racioppo was able to effectively demonstrate that while there was a brake failure, the failure was due to neglect. He was also able to demonstrate how this neglect would have been known to the operator through sound and other signs which the driver ignored. His unique testimony proved the negligence needed for the charge of Criminally Negligent Homicide.

Honolulu County Supreme Court

(July 2019)

A driver was arrested and charged with two counts of Negligent Homicide for driving under the influence and on the wrong side of the road at an excessive rate of speed. The defense hired an expert to muddy the waters and confuse the jury with complex accident reconstruction mathematics and diagrams. Mr. Racioppo was able to prove that the defense's expert used multiple accident reconstruction formulas incorrectly and obtained formula input utilizing flawed methodology. He was also able to demonstrate to the jury, in a common-sense manner, the conditions required to utilize such formulas and how their use, in this case, was inappropriate. He was then able to construct the dynamics of the collision and present the violating factors needed to sustain a conviction for the Prosecuting Attorney of the State of Hawaii.