Motor Carrier Safety

Motor Carrier Safety Services

East Coast has a team of Motor Carrier Inspectors trained and experienced in commercial motor vehicle safety inspections. Whether you have a fleet of long-haul tractor-trailers or a single straight truck, your vehicle is subject to the numerous DOT, State, and Local commercial vehicle safety checkpoints. Many of these inspections result in fines and out-of-service conditions which require towing, and some can even rise to the level of a crime.

We examine your commercial vehicles from top to bottom and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining deficiencies and corrective measure recommendations. Many trucks on the road today would fail a DOT Motor Carrier Inspection, and many would have violations serious enough to have them placed Out of Service and subject to costly towing.

Fleet mechanics and safety officers allow vehicles to roll down the road with unrecognized deficiencies. Let East Coast's experts examine your fleet from an "Enforcement Perspective" and develop a strategy designed to save you money and the cost of violations, towing, downtime or even a law suit.

Don't learn about your vehicle's issues at a checkpoint or after someone gets hurt; call East Coast Forensics now.

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