Litigation Support

Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support is a behind the scene consult with an expert or professional. This type of consult prepares a trial lawyer (or another litigant) for court, depositions, witness interviews, and evidence reviews. This type of due diligence is essential when preparing for all aspects of litigation.

Let the East Coast trial experience guide you with advice on how to approach an expert witness or demonstrate the flaws often found in the witness's answers. Even experienced trial attorneys can gain some insight with a brief consult. You owe it to your client; let East Coast offer a fresh perspective and new approach to your case.


Expert Witness Service

An "Expert Witness" is a witness whose training and experience rise to the level of standards of the court for which he or she is testifying. Witnesses such as Physicians, Auto Mechanics, Police Officers, and other professionals usually qualify as Expert Witnesses in their respective fields. East Coast's experts excel in their areas and have never been denied expert status in any court of law, hearing, or proceeding.

Anthony Racioppo has been qualified as both an Accident Reconstruction Expert and Forensic Vehicle Mechanical Expert. In fact, there have been numerous trials where he was qualified in both fields and was able to offer opinions that transcend the need for multiple witnesses.